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Forward in Christ
Forward in Christ

» “Organized chaos” at bedtime
“Organized chaos” may be the best way to describe our family’s bedtime routine. With six kids ages 2-11 (two girls and four boys), there’s bound to be noise. But we have a consistent routine that works for us.  The routine  When we finish supper around 6:15, the kids are dismissed to do their evening jobs. […]

» Treasured bedtime prayers and hymns
When our oldest child was a baby, we established a bedtime routine of stories, prayers, and hymns.   We have a set of four prayers that we speak or sing each night. We speak “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” sing stanzas two and three of “Now the Light Has Gone Away” (Christian Worship [CW] […]

» Thoughts from an experienced dad
If the 2018 version of Jim Aderman could advise the late-1970s Jim Aderman about parenting, the first thing I’d tell that whippersnapper is, “Kids spell love T-I-M-E. Spend time with your kids, Jim. Quality time. Focused time. Time free of ringing phones and buzzing text messages. Time divorced from nagging work projects. “Will using time […]