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Church History
A Brief History of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Abita Springs, Louisiana

German immigrants, who organized the first congregation, met in 1904 in the old Mutti Hotel in Abita Springs, Louisiana.  The first Lutheran service was held there on 23 October 1904, and was conducted by Rev. Arthur H. Kaub who became Trinity’s first pastor.  He preached on John 3:16, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Worshippers built and based Trinity upon that promise. The tradition continues.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was established on 16 April 1905, which was the date of the first official service. The founders purchased the current lot in 1906. The church, affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod at that time, conducted services primarily in English.
The present church building was completed in 1906 while Rev. Kaub was pastor.  The building committee was composed of H. Michaelis, President, and the following members whose names are on the church cornerstone: E Schmalz, John P. Rausch, H. Strubbe, F. Nagel, Carl Rausch and C. Strubbe.  Mr. Schmalz is the grandfather of Clara Beaushaw who is a member of Trinity today.  
In 1917 the building on the north side of Trinity was originally built as the parsonage. The building was later named "The Brown-Leveson Hall" and today is used by the congregation for Sunday School and Fellowship.
In 1920 the church received a parcel of land from Mr. Will Morgan. The donated land became the Lutheran Cemetery. Later, the church donated the cemetery to the Town of Abita Springs. Presently, this beautiful and peaceful landscape serves as the Abita Springs Cemetery near St. Joseph Street. During this period, lightning struck the church building. Dorothy Schwartz, a mere seven year old, held a penny party that raised $7.45 for purchasing the lightning rods that protect the church to this day.
In 1926 Rev. A. Klamt became the pastor of Trinity and remained so for some thirty years.  Rev. Klamt also served congregations in Mandeville, Covington, Ponchatoula, Fluker, and Clinton, Louisiana, while he was pastor at Trinity.
In 1955 Trinity celebrated its Golden Anniversary.  Rev. Dittman was the guest speaker.
In 1970 Trinity joined the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and presently maintains this affiliation.
In 1980 Trinity celebrated its 75th Anniversary.  The Theme was Living Waters at WELS in Abita Springs.
The current parsonage, located on Pine Street, was constructed in the 1980s. 
In 2005 Trinity celebrated its Centennial Anniversary.


                                                                    Our Pastors

Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS)
1904-1908 Rev. Arthur H. Kaub
1909-1910 Rev. Paul E. Wagner
1910-1913 Rev. Martin Kuegle
1913-1915 Rev. Christ Kuegle
1915-1922 Rev. Oscar W. Luecke
1923-1925 Rev. H. Bielenberg
1922 and 1925 Rev. R. E. Scaer, Supply Pastor
1926-1958 Rev. A. H. Klamt
1958-1960 Rev. F. Runge
1961-1965 Rev. D. Krabbe
1966 Rev. D. Karloski
1966-1968 Rev. R. Klein

American Lutheran Church (ALC)
1968-70 Rev. P. Ronning
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)
1971-1973 Rev. D. Weiser
1973-1974 Rev. P. Koeninger
1974-1975 Rev. John P. Meyer, vacancy pastor
1975-1985 Rev. James E. Werner
1982-1983 Rev. Dennis R. Bratz
1984-1992 Rev. Herbert C. Kuske
1992-1999 Rev. David Sternhagen
1999-2004 Rev. Edward Frey
2004-2007 Rev. Joseph M. Dietrich
2008-2014 Rev. Dustin A. Bergene
2014-Present Rev. Patrick Freese